How would you like to work at home?

What kind of work would you like to do at home and earn some cash?

Running a home is definitely demanding, so demanding that sometimes its just not possible to fit in time to earn any money by going out to work. That’s why I’ve put this blog together, to see what options there are and tell everyone about them. But I can’t do that in the blog, so I have to forward details on email. Please sign up on my email and I’ll send through some ideas I’ve come across that I think will definitely work. You  can register using the Sign up for Updates in the margin on the right, or just drop me a line at  

My first recommendation is definitely to work around the internet, its so flexible and you can fit it around your life, whether its early in the morning, half way through the day or last thing at night – there’s the option to access the internet at any time and use that time to contribute towards household running costs. If you are lucky and find something you love it might be possible to do even more than that and generate a sizeable income, but in the first instance just give it a try and see how it works for you.

I’ve found an interesting source of internet based leads that provde access to online surveys that pay actual money to participants. I’m already using surveys myself and you can choose to respond to long ones or short ones, depending on your time availability. Some allow you to stop in the middle and then restart, which can be useful if someone comes to the door or a chore needs to be done, then you can go back and complete it at your leisure.

Not all, but quite a few surveys are paid in dollars and can pay upto $75 to comment on new products. As well as being paid for your opinions it also allows you to keep up-to-date with potential new products coming onto the market – a double bonus!

As for me, my work downstairs in the lounge is finished and I’m delighted. The walls and ceiling are all painted, the floor looks beautiful and shiny and the curtains are now hanging and I have to say I’m feeling really pleased with the outcome. Now its down to finding the perfect unit to house the TV and fit into an alcove which is sitting and waiting to be filled. All extraneous  furniture has been removed and the room looks open and welcoming – we just need to make sure it stays that way!

I’m back on my artwork as I need to generate some income to pay for the unit that is just waiting somewhere to be discovered…….if anyone knows of a furniture store in England or online that has units capable of having storage underneath, some display above and able to house a TV then please be in touch at – I look forward to hearing from you. All suggestions welcome.

Onwards and Upwards

That title is a reflection of my decorating achievements i.e. up and down the ladder applying the final coat to the walls – looking good.

I also managed to fit in a quick online survey which was relatively painless and not too demanding. Another string to the bow!

So has anyone else got any income generating ideas? Or suggestions as to ways they would like to earn money by working at home?        I’d love to get more ideas out there – particularly one’s that appeal to the readers of the blog. Give me an area to research and I’ll gladly go away and see what I can find. Tell me what level of earnings you are looking for, ideally something you enjoy doing and I’ll try and search out options that might appeal.

My youngest has taken to selling clothes on E-bay which is working quite well, and not too difficult at all, although she can be a little remiss in keeping on top of sold goods and packaging them for despatch – that’s where I come in at the moment – taking the finished item to the post office. Personally I think the new charges for post are crazy – just ridiculous, they will merely drive even more people away from traditional post and onto the web and email, not that I have any objection to email it’s just that there’s nothing quite like getting a letter or card via the postman, I think it just makes for a special start to the day – when its a nice letter, unlike the road traffic fine we received today!!

Do let me know if there’s a specific interest you have where you’d like to earn money at home. Any area of interest that you’d like to explore – do let me know.

Bye for now.

Did you have a good Easter?

I had a fabulous break – how about you?

With two grown up children who work, of which one who lives away from home, it was really nice to have all three of the children here for the long weekend and to be able to enjoy their stay whilst also making money by spending just a short time on the computer. That is the joy of working at home and being able to do things at my own pace. Whilst my daughters were out and son was recovering from an extended get-together with friends I was able to sneak into the study and spend a quiet hour or so updating my site and checking on sales. Today I have to post my sales, on this occasion all going to the UK, a welcome distraction from yet more decorating.

The plan was to have it all complete for Easter, but I so wanted the finished job to be better than that done by the decorators when we had the room first decorated – and that takes time, particularly making the changes we wanted to make i.e. covering up the all-over colour and making the ceiling white – I saw the decorators us rollers on poles and they just didn’t give me the quality finish I wanted. So a platform was acquired (I saw one at a friend’s house) and it has made such a difference. I feel really happy with the outcome, if a little exhausted.

My number one man, that’s my husband, who can be a little (or should a say incredibly) pernickety decided that our wooden floor was being destroyed by the dust and grime generated from the decorating and floor protection coverings which had been used on previous occasions and so was not ‘perfect’. So, having completed the interface between the ceiling paint and the wall paint he decided to put a special protection coating onto the floor, a coating that takes around ten hours to dry. He then decided to put on a second coat which meant that the room was totally unusable for two days. So the decorating wasn’t finished, and the room wasn’t usable for our gathering, but the result is excellent –  I can’t wait to move back into the room, its so warm and welcoming with the new colour scheme and golden floor – a real transformation. But not just yet, there’s still more decorating to be done which I hope will be completed by the weekend and allow us to have use of our front door again…….the hall is just rammed with settees and armchairs and stuff which will either go back into the lounge or probably get stored in the attic, a haven for all manner of items that we can’t bear to throw away, but which just don’t fit in this house.

So, my task now is to finish the walls with a second coat of paint and by Thursday I expect to be ready to move back in and have a lovely log fire, my idea of heaven!

And tonight we’re out for a smaller family gathering, younger daughter’s birthday dinner. Should be fun, if a little calorific!

And now for something completely different?

I’m really motivated by working at home, but today my attention has been focused on other things, how about you?

After deciding that the lounge needed an image change its all go and I’m the one that’s going …….

We built our new lounge quite soon after we moved house, as soon as we got planning permission (it only took 2 years!) and at that time we decided we wanted to have a simple room, with large windows, filled with light and with no distractions such as curtains or blinds or anything – in fact just blank windows with white frames. Because we live near the bottom of a small lane in a small village that wasn’t too much of a problem, little traffic or light pollution (no street lights) or footfall, so we spent the next couple of years, or so, happily using the room with no concerns or issues or worries whatsoever.

Then something happened. Don’t ask me what or why or how, but all of a sudden we decided we needed to ‘dress’ the house. We got dragged into finding curtains and blinds and of course decorating. You can’t put new curtains into a room that isn’t newly decorated, can you? No, you really can’t (silent scream). But this is one of the pleasures of working from home, being able to use weekday time for home pursuits, not merely work. 

So the past few days have been spent choosing paint, relocating furniture, buying a scaffold tower for internal use (so much easier than ladders or using rollers on long sticks), decorating (not yet finished), and transforming a perfectly liveable space into a total nightmare. The hall is filled with furniture from the lounge, the dining room too, leaving a narrow walkway through which to enter and exit the house. But its all in a good cause and I can see the difference already. The lounge has a vaulted ceiling and when it was built we decided to make life easy for the decorators and had the same colour on the ceiling as on the walls creating a nice all-over warm feeling. We’ve now decided to paint the ceiling white and the walls a new ivory colour to complement the new curtains which will dress the previously naked windows.

The difference is amazing. We now have a seriously bright room, which will become even brighter once the second coat of white is applied, and I’m really pleased with the results this far, apart that is from the aching muscles and flat knees and speckled skin on my forearms that makes me look like a sympathiser of Michael Gambon in the Singing Detective. I will either have to pick the paint specks off one by one or submit to loofah(does anyone know the correct spelling for this word?)  abrasion which will leave me looking like an overcooked lobster cloaked in a marie rose sauce – oh how that doesn’t suit my colouring…..reminds me of my teenage years when I needed to use a green base make-up to soften the crimson glow of my bright red, hormone flooded cheeks. For someone approaching middle age that’s not the look I’m aiming for exactly!

So, now to a well earned rest for today and for that so well deserved and even more longed-for Friday evening glass or two, or three of beautifully chilled Sauvignon Blanc – I can almost hear the cork popping (or should I say screw cap cracking). Whilst I appreciate the convenience of opening a bottle of wine without needing to struggle with a bottle opener its just not the same – there’s no sense of achievement at having extracted the cork without leaving tiny deposits of cork floating in the wine, and is a metal screw cap really not going to tarnish the flavour of the wine when left on its side? I don’t know about you but we have lots of wine racks bought from Habitat and kitchen shops and inherited from well wishing relatives desperate to find a birthday present or Christmas present for my dearest, and used over the years to store potentially incredible wines that never managed to rest for more than a few weeks let alone the years that we had intended. Can these racks, devoid of potential quality wines, still be used to provide the storage needed for screw cap wines without ruining the bouquet, the flavour or aftertaste (it may sound pretentious but its a question that does disturb me)? 

If anyone knows the answer then please get back to me. I’d love the definitive answer but right now I’m not too concerned because the wine I’m really interested in is in the fridge and is calling my name…….6:01 pm that’s me done for now, the sun is over the yardarm so I can indulge with a clear conscience.

Speak soon. Have a great Friday.

Do you have opinions?

Do you have firm views on what you like and don’t like?

Are you happy to talk to companies about their products and services?

Are you comfortable using the computer to input your thoughts and respond to questions?

If so then this might well be the answer for you – getting paid to complete surveys, attend focus groups, review new products, preview films and answer a few questions.

If this is you or could be you (with a financial incentive!!) then why not check it out by clicking on the link on the right and registering your email address to receive my updates. I will forward one or two suggestions directly to you by email for you to look through, they really are interesting options ……. I think it could be a nice easy way to ease yourself back into paid employment, and allow you to work at home and earn great money – and allow you to decide just how much you want to earn and when you can fit it in – no pressure from any boss, putting you in total control.

What do you think? It has to be worth a view doesn’t it?

Get in touch if you’d like to know more – either register via the sign up link in the right hand column or email me at

I look forward to hearing from you.



Welcome to Mum works at Home, and what better place to work!

If ‘Mum works at home’ is you or appeals to you, then I hope you find this blog interesting.

My brief story is on the ‘About’ page – its what got me thinking about this blog. Do check out my paintings – I’d really like to know what you think about them, good and bad. At the end of the day I’m hoping to sell the paintings and so its good to know what people actually think of them – its noce when people say they like them, but its also good to have some frank opinions that aren’t from friends who don’t want to upset or disappoint you! 

How many mums would like to be able to stay at home, look after the family and still be able to contribute to the family’s running costs?

From where I stand a significant number of work at home mums, young and old, would love to be able to do that. Infact, in today’s difficult climate many mums actually need to contribute to the household budget if they are to keep their heads above water. On the other hand what could be better than to surprise everyone and treat the family by paying for a summer holiday in the UK or abroad. Wow, wouldn’t that feel good!

What could be better than to surprise everyone (particularly your partner) with a financial contribution to the housekeeping that pays for a holiday to Disney World! Imagine the smile on everyone’s face when you hand over the tickets. How good would it feel to know that you can contribute money to the running of the family budget and yet still be at home – that really would be the best of both worlds, wouldn’t it? 

For me one of the benefits of being a work at home mum would be to provide a distraction from the usual day-to-day chores that need to be done, and also the possibility of having something different or unusual to talk about. What do you think?  

I’m continually looking for opportunities where work at home mums (like you?) can earn worthwhile extra cash without too much distraction from their daily routine. Keep checking back with me as I will add new opportunities as I find them. Alternatively register your email details and I will make sure that you get the information as  soon as I have checked it out and decided that it is the right kind of opportunity for a mum like you.  

I do hope you enjoy the blog, any feedback would be much appreciated.